It all starts here…

Every time a story is narrated about a historic event, this would be the most common starting phrase. I am here neither to narrate a story nor create history. But, I can say with a lot of confidence that my story might be a part of history. So, I am out on a mission to make a beautiful read. If not for the millions of population on this earth, at least for me.

The closing phase of 2015 helped me to focus on self awareness. As I sat down to decide on my goals or resolutions that would help me be a better person in 2016, I browsed through whole lot (a lot of them) of articles. I referred to ‘Medium’, ‘Men’s Health’, ‘’, ‘Forbes’ etc. and many more ’20 things to do’ or ’30 challenges’. The more I read, the more I became aware of the amount of time one spends in creating that awareness about himself.

In the end, I finalized on a handful number of goals and resolutions (Note: This is one of them too, in case you wondered).

Enough of planning and time to get to business.

As a first step, I decided I would write some history for myself.

History about what would happen in my life or the world in which I live during 2016.

So, I decided to go back to the traditional approach of narration:

‘It all started here …’

I thought it would only be ideal to list down what I expect from this year:

1. May the sense of sanity prevail — religion, power and everything can come next

2. Let’s respect the existence of each other — no discrimination on color, race, country and whatever that splits us (I know it is too cliched but isn’t that the basis our evolution)

3. Before we go in search of a place somewhere in the universe, let’s make this planet a happy place to live.

So, what is the history that you want to narrate?

Closing notes from this wonderful song from Magic Man (Album: ‘Before the Waves’)


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