A Book A Week Challenge- Week 2

Week 2 reading was a classic.


1984 by George Orwell

Pages: 327

Classic (in literature) (n.): Any writing that questions or proposes radically challenging ideology in the contemporary world. 

1984 by George Orwell fits this definition to the dot. It stood the test of time way too strongly than many other books.

Not more than 50 pages into the book you know what you were getting yourself into. You would be dragged into the world of Oceania and start to feel the mental discomfort that you have to live in this world occupied by Big Brother.

You can’t even blink an eye nor allow your forehead to twitch because it sends a message out to ThoughtPolice, who would drag you to ‘Room 101’, where you would have to confront your strongest fears.

The book or rather the manifesto of Brotherhood talks on the fundamentals of – ‘collective solipsism’ but questions some of the basics of ‘objectivism’ proposed by Ayn Rand.

The questions keep popping up about existence of reality ‘as within oneself’ versus ‘as to be perceived by your consciousness no matter what’.

If the reality existed only how you perceive it by your consciousness then how would a future generation learn about the present unless there is some evidence that they can refer too? Does ‘objectivism’ plug into their equation the ‘time’ factor?

Irrespective of what happens in any dystopian world, there is always love. There is power, there is crime but then there is love. Like many love stories before and like many after, love story runs in a very challenging environment only to make us realize the value of it.

Most relevant quote of all time:

“Every society is divided into three classes: High, Middle and Low. The aim of High is to remain where they are. The aim of Middle is to change places with the High. The aim of the Low is to abolish all the distinctions and create a society in which all men shall be equal” 

And you know where it always ends up.


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