A Book A Week Challenge- Week 7

I was introduced to the books of Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s writing during my college. Before I started reading any of his books – Random effects or Unexplained component of anything was just a me secluded component of Mathematics. It was included in all the equations but was never investigated further. Taleb can be identified as someone who brought randomness into mainstream reading.

But, in real life, as humans, there is always this pursuit to understand and even more control or at least minimize the existence of randomness (the hubris extended sometimes to the extent of deriving the weight of randomness).

Are we 100% sure of something to happen?


May be 99.9% at the best. (left to random events)


The book I read this week was: Antifragile: Things that gain from Disorder

Pages: 501

‘Antifragile’ is the term coined by the author himself to explain the phenomenon of gaining strength (being counter fragile) under strenuous effects. In the world that is now exposed to numerous ‘Black Swans’ (as extensively written in ‘There Black Swan’), is there a way we can identify them?

What do we do even if we identify them?

We establish systems that not just gets shattered away due to these unforeseen Black Swan events but rather make gains out of them.

It is kind of sequel to ‘The Black Swan’ and honestly, it was not as impressive as its prequel. I was surprised with the number of pages that were spent in explaining why a separate term hadd to be coined to explain ‘Antifragility’. Anyone who picked up any of Taleb’s book before would find it a bit: repetitive, self contradictory and sometimes counter intuitive.

However, like all his books before, the phrases and example scenarios keeps you engaged all through and language is easy as you can swift through the pages real quick.

Overall, Not the best  of Nassim Nicholas Taleb.


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