A Book A Week Challenge – Week 13

Week 13 read would make it a streak of four and half (H is for Hawk) non-fiction reads. It sometimes get extremely draining to read four really interesting and amazingly demanding books in straight weeks.

So, I must confess I experienced a sense of fatigue. For those of you, who feel, how can reading be a fatigue exercise. Please give it a try.


Book #: 13

Title: Being Mortal: Medicine and what matters in the end” by Atul Gawande

Pages: 302

Atul Gawande’s best selling book “Being Mortal” tries to address two key questions:

  1. How the medical advancements helped increase the life expectancy of human race?
  2. Given these advancements, do you want to spend the life curing your health conditions in medical hall or just go about living the way you love to?

Even though, at the top level, the questions look straight forward. But, the impact of these two major events pretty much evolved as a culture.

Atul Gawande brings in the brilliant proposal of how joint family culture in the East would be more encouraging for the aged rather than nuclear family structure in the West.

“Inevitable”  and “Acceptance” – can be referred to as the theme of this book.

Yeah, we all know that the Death is inevitable and We, as the individuals or the loved ones, should be able to accept it. Death gives a sense of departing which can cut through the hearts of many around you.

But, what do you do to postpone that?

As Atul Gawande walks you through the different stages of decline of your own body elements as the disease creeps in or as simple as age builds up, you feel scared or distraught.

But, it is inevitable. Isn’it?

What do you to compensate for something inevitable?

Live the way you love.

This is when your Eastern culture seems to tick multiple boxes – you were taken care of, you were provided the attention, you were loved like never before, you can enjoy those small little moments of extra sleep, extra food.

But, what you miss the most is that sense of “independence” which is the reason how Western culture evolved as a family and society.

But, do you the ability to fight all by your own independently.

There comes the acceptance.

Overall, it is a brilliant read in the sense, it gives you that perception which you might have to rethink about how you wish to close your loving life:

In the medical hall or

Within the walls of your home.

The trade off is that extra days to a joyful closure of your already magical life.


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