A Book A Week Challenge – Week 24

Overall, “J” by Howard Jacobson can as well be the British dystopian novel of our time as described by John Burnside in his Guardian Review. For me, this would be remembered as a novel that I could use as a reference material for writing characters if I ever chose to write a book of my own.

A Book A Week Challenge – Week 23

Samanth Subramanian’s “That Divided Island” will remain as one of the monumental narrations of life in Sri Lanka for many generations to come. It involves real people pouring their hearts out with their versions of “told truth” and it should be believed as “factual truth” since war never keeps its stories alive by itself.

A Book A Week Challenge – Week 22

Overall, THE GENE by Siddhartha Mukherjee is a masterpiece, at least in the genre of “medical research”. It invokes a reason for dialogue that demands maintenance of control in the areas of research. - from both the hands of policy makers and scientists simultaneously.

The Roar that scattered the Birds

The shaken up Lion’s roar this time even more thunderous that scattered the happy birds away. It might even be too early to write appreciation letters about a sportsman, but for what we have seen of him so far – Jonny Bairstow is a man of pride, a man of hard work, a man of respect and most importantly the man that carries the reputation of his family

A Book A Week Challenge – Week 21

The war described so intimately, Janine di Giovanni’s book takes us to those people who you might never meet in your life and those streets you would never want to walk. It leaves us with an emotion that every single life of those is as important as ours but is there something that we could have done or can still do?