A Book A Week Challenge – Week 28

Overall, Vikram Seth’s “An Equal Music” is a masterpiece in terms of its writing – even though the plot is clichéd- the beauty of lovable characters, their behaviors and the raw sense of articulating music- makes it a beautiful read. It goes through the crests and troughs of extremely emotion opera but leaves with the serenity at the end of it.

David Sandberg’s “Lights Out”

“Lights Out” is a non-traditional horror movie that works in flashes but never ties up as a big picture. There are few strokes that are gone missing and it is difficult to appreciate the canvas without noticing the missing pieces. It is definitely not the scariest movies that make you reach out for lights in the dark.

A Book A Week Challenge – Week 27

Jared Diamond pinpoints to increasingly alarming trends in terms of biodiversity, soil loss, freshwater limits, overfishing and climate change- which is no longer in the phase of “might happen”. We pushed ourselves to the limits of “it’s happening” and the action plan is for right now- You act, you fight, you survive else go through the societies that no longer exist among us.

“God” — Manifestation or Misrepresentation?

As we evolved as humans, the more civilized we emerged to be — from feeding on any moving species to a generation of multi-level sanitation, from lack of language to communicate to a generation that doesn’t need a language to communicate- overall we evolved as species way too ahead. But, the universal problem stayed put — search for answers …

A Book A Week Challenge – Week 26

Karan Mahajan’s “The Association of Small Bombs” is an absolute winner within the framework it operates and presents you with the multiple versions of the story. You are the jury to decide who is on which of this webbed association? – the one who triggered it or the circumstances.

Abbas Kiarostami – A Tribute

Abbas Kiarostami – You will be remembered as a genius who accomplished his task in this universe with a brilliance that could only spread across the geographies and generations. May your Soul Rest in Piece!

A Book A Week Challenge – Week 25

The process of house picking, the process of preparing creating and the process of charring bodies, and then now “customization” of death – where thumb prints now printed onto necklaces. The body would have passed it's our journey even before you think what happens to the soul.