“God” — Manifestation or Misrepresentation?

As we evolved as humans, the more civilized we emerged to be — from feeding on any moving species to a generation of multi-level sanitation, from lack of language to communicate to a generation that doesn’t need a language to communicate- overall we evolved as species way too ahead. But, the universal problem stayed put — search for answers replaced forcing the answers.

I come from a world where the term “God” is used in extreme dichotomy — in some instances the attribution is way too simple and in some it needs the most complicated definition we ever heard of.

Then I decided to do a research on how is ‘God’ defined and I am blown away by the number of ‘-isms’ and multiple subdued versions of it that define ‘God’.

‘Theism’, ‘Deism’, ‘Monotheism’, ‘Pantheism’, ‘Atheism’ and ‘Agnosticism’ to name a few. Each of these ‘-isms’ have a different versions of who and what ‘God’ is or what he isn’t. But there is one thing common among all of these versions: that whoever would be considered as a ‘God’ should be way beyond the reach of common human behavior.

Here are some qualities or attributes one generally associate with ‘God’:

1. Being Omnipotent and Omnipresent

2. Being a creator and sustainer

3. Being Omniscience and omnibenevolence

4. Being incorporeal, personal being and a source of moral obligation

Then I stumbled across one particular description that sounded more relevant and applicable.


‘God’ might not be someone who is beyond your reach. The only attribute that is needed to be fulfilled is ‘he being capable of radiating HOPE’. If I try to bring back this definition into how we use on a daily basis, it all makes sense.

If ‘Hope’ is what needs to be driven then why not doctors who save the lives of many people or armed forces who protect the nation or lawyers who defend the lifetime earnings of a common man or the activist who fights to protect the environment that helps happy living of future generations or even the ambulance driver who picks a person from an accident spot during emergencies are considered as ‘Gods’. They all drive the hope and in fact they all drive the hope with a purpose.

So, there is one more attribute that needs to be added to be considered as ‘God’. It is being popular or known to everyone (is it what ‘omnipresence’ mean?). You need to give that hope to a whole lot of population to be regarded as ‘God’. You need to be ‘accepted’ as ‘God’. This is an irony given the fact that some religions even believe that every action you do would be driven by ‘God’.

‘God’ has been manifested and also misrepresented for many years now but it works as long as you ‘give a hope’ to someone.

Image Reference: Cover Pic of “Faith: A Commentary on James” by Jacob Abshire


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  1. Bonsai says:

    We need to commit and not be soft when it comes to the Creator. It is quite an insult if we think we can figure it all out when we are such limited creatures. Even my cat has skills I don’t– way better eyes and balance. We need to get it right and give credit where it is due. God thank you for allowing me to work my way back to You and not forcing me to love You.


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