A Book A Week Challenge – Week 31

Overall, Paul Beatty's "The Sellout" leaves you with immense knowledge about anything and everything under the sun, in addition to the wisdom of surviving in a downtrodden society. You finish off with a serenity and introspection about racism once you step out of the literary blend of Chaplin-isque satire. It is right in front of your eyes- be offended or laugh off.

A Book A Week Challenge – Week 30

Overall, “His Bloody Project” by Graeme Macrae Burnet is an absolute winner for its writing as long as it is in his control. But, the supporting documentation drains down the interest created during the first section of the book. Despite its challenges, “His Bloody Project” throws light on some of the intricate and interesting cultural references during the late nineteenth century and the black comedic investigation that led to more questions than answers.

A Book A Week Challenge – Week 29

Overall, Ian McGuire’s The North Water has moments that occasionally evoke the excitement of what happens next. But, the brutality of conditions and how individual characters respond to them makes it an interesting read.