A Book A Week Challenge – Week 34

Overall, A L Kennedy’s Serious Sweet is extremely tiring for a reader but has a supremely extensive canvas for a story that unfolds itself in 24-hours. It is a delight as long as the lead characters stay connected, afloat, and in the real world. Skip through the italics (which takes more than half its length) and you would love this book.

A Book A Week Challenge – Week 33

Overall, Wyl Menmuir’s “The Many” definitely surprises you with its content at the same time leaves you with a lot to ponder upon -both in terms of story and the contaminants that are destroying the marine biology.

A Book A Week Challenge – Week 32

Overall, David Szalay’s intent to narrate the challenges and conflicts that men from various phases of life encounter is worth picking up the book. But, the love towards this story fades away as the woman enters his life. The narration changes from being good-to-know to when-do-they-kiss-next. I am surprised with the lack of closures to these stories as you move on to the next because you want to know what led him do an act or what are the consequences of it.