A Book A Week Challenge – Week 42

Some times it get feels good to let go of all the frills attached to the raw human emotions and read about something that is in the purest form that you could get. "The Prisoner's Wife" is one of the best love stories I have read in ages (even for my personal dislike of rom-com that now form significant volumes of love stories we hear/read/watch.)

A Book A Week Challenge- Week 41

“Here is Where We Meet” is many more things beyond being a novel. It blends memories, experiences, and perceptions about death and life. It takes deeps inside the narrator- often making it difficult to segregate between who you are - author, narrator or reader

A Book A Week Challenge – Week 40

The Weary Generations, probably might not give historical references in the standard notation but delivers an emotional roller coaster ride of an individual fighting his own internal demons that felt monstrous than the external events that instilled fear in everyone