A Book A Week Challenge – Week 50

Overall, Svetlana Alexievich makes you experience various emotions that the war-ridden Soviet nation common lived had to survive with. More than a century apart asks the same set of questions as she puts it “And the future seems to have stopped standing in its proper place. Our time comes to us second-hand”

A Book A Week Challenge – Week 49

Overall, “Frantulamgia” by Elena Ferrante is a deep dive into the thoughts of a writer who strongly believed in letting the words of paper do the talking for her unforgettable female characters. Not a traditional how-to guide for the craft of writing but a closer focused read which teaches enriching lessons.

A Book A Week Challenge – Week 48

Overall, “The Strangler Vine” by M J Carter- the first of three-book series “Blake and Avery” had enough content in it to be a very effective historical crime fiction novel based on infamous Thug crimes in Northen India. But, the book doesn’t keep up to its reputation of being compared to the likes of Sherlock Holmes and Fu Manchu. It is an absolute winner for historical narration but falls short of being an excellent detective thriller.

A Book A Week Challenge – Week 47

Overall, “Lab Girl” by Hope Jahren is a very important book in the present times – a) for a person in science as it describes the virtues of a successful scientist, b) for a woman who aims to pursue her interests in her life against all the odds and with the joys of being a mother and c) for every one of us who miss the experience of connecting multiple generations of evolution just looking at the bark of a tree in your surroundings.

A Book A Week Challenge – Week 46

“When you go out looking for a lion, be quite sure that you want to see him” writes Mr. Corbett. But, here you go out seeking seven man-eaters with the dimension of 10’3”-10’7” curves and have killed approximately 1,000 human lives between them. 10 brilliantly narrated takes you through the most exciting journey of hunting these seven man-eaters. A thrilling hunt and yet extremely knowledge filled. Wild-Life Reading 101