Ron Howard’s “Inferno”

Only one box ticks right in the latest edition of Robert Langdon series based on Dan Brown’s best-selling novel with the same title – the selection of Irrfan Khan. He plays The Provost whose secret organization carries out the deals by keeping the identity of the client pool. Well, is he a good man or a bad man? Probably even he doesn’t know which side of righteousness does he stand. That effectively is the scenario of “Inferno”

The book heavily criticized for its lack of realistic outlook and the structural challenges still looks a much better version of this story. The plot was structured relatively genius in the book as the movie searches for that point where it could just hold itself off from dropping itself into Inferno but unfortunately, there is no hanger to hold.

Renowned rich businessman and scientist Bertrand Zobrist (Ben Foster) heavily motivated by his financial interests and blind admiration towards Dante’s ideologies creates a virus that could kill almost half of human population to protect the humankind from its own extinction in near future. He gives a date for the virus to spread and for someone to crack the code (so that his random love interest Dr. Sienna Brooks (Felicity Jones) can survive) finds someone who is the expert in Dante’s philosophy. No double guesses for it to be Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) and he is now chased by WHO’s two different factions with vested interests.

Tom Hanks was at his absolute worst in this movie. There is nothing for him as an actor who appeared in a brilliantly crafted “Sully”. Tom Hanks looked like he was forced into playing this role. The character that should sound like a genius or an expert never turned up on the screen. One random statement that is all it needed for Sienna Brooks to realize that the man she is working with was indeed a genius.

An act of the crime with a ticking clock to be chased by solving multiple clues creates some interest and it was never about how they are going to solve it.

Overall, Ron Howard’s “Inferno” is way too good on the paper and we are only talking in relative terms. Irrfan Khan is the only saving grace in the movie that had nothing to cling on from falling through all seven levels of Dante’s Hell.


PG-13 |

Runtime: 121 Mins |

Direction: Ron Howard |

Screenplay: David Koepp |

Cinematographer: Salvatore Totino|

Editor: Dan Hanley and Tom Elkins|

Distribution: Columbia Pictures |

Cast: Tom Hanks, Felicity Jones, Irrfan Khan


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