Gautam Menon’s “Achcham Yenbadu Madamaiyada”

There is always something special in Gautam Menon’s movies. Even when you thought the movie had nothing on the face of it but there is something very subtle that needs an exploration. The movie uses a reference to “Godfather” with a quote at the beginning that goes “Inspired from a moment from Godfather” and it needs now guessing as the movie starts off with the event that is being referenced. The moment when a common naughty youngster turns into a man.

Gautam Menon’s hero in this movie, whose name was never used until the climax and it could have been any other name, is neither naughty nor ambitious. Silambarasan’s body language in this movie ensures that the message was carried out straight- way too casual for the viewer’s liking. Because the casualness doesn’t come naturally to him and it seemed in many places that it was forced upon him to be as casual as he can.

The reasoning behind it is to send out the message how one moment in an individual’s life can change from being casual to reach a point where he could kill anyone around him. This would have been justified enough had there been the more intimate empathetic cause than a political love story that basically drives the movie but is only there to establish the connection.

For me personally, the romance works magnificently and it is due to the fact how women were treated in Gautam Menon’s movies. There is no stalking. There is no unnecessary intimacy. The love fills the silence between the leading pair and as Simbu mentions “it just had to be a spark”. It does happen in the movie where he guesses the moment when Leela (Majima Mohan) fell for him.

Everything is well as long it is within the limit of Gautam’s strong suite – the characters perfectly etched, the dialogues and scenes that work brilliantly until he returns to a sweet that he has craving for but difficult to handle. The action parts in the movie starts from nowhere, rolls over everywhere only to end at somewhere not even he would have anticipated during the writing process. It doesn’t take a lot of guesses to realize the story evolved as the movie progressed and it is in some ways weird.

The movie is about self-actualization of a youngster the moment he comes to age to realize he has become a man and for that, he needs to be prepared for the moment of transformation, whenever it might come. Gautam Menon justifies this part only to get himself tangled in a territory that’s totally unfamiliar to him – just like Mr. Rajnikanth (Yes, Simbu’s name that is revealed at the end) realizes how difficult is it for him to communicate in Hindi.

And, did I forget the music of A R Rahman and his brilliantly composed “Thallipogathey”?  the blame is not totally on me. The end of that song in the first half is the beginning of something that it is very difficult to keep up with.

Overall, Gautam Menon’s “Achcham Yenbadu Madamaiyada” works brilliantly till it is in the control of Rajinikanth and Leela. Once it grows beyond them, it is all a kitchen sink that’s waiting for its contents to be dumped.

Achcham-Yenbadhu-Madamaiyada-poster.jpgU | Runtime: 135 Mins |

Direction: Gautam Menon |

Screenplay: Gautam Menon |

Cinematographer: Dan Macarther, Dani Raymond|

Editor: Anthony Gonsalves|

Music: A R Rahman |

Production: ONdraga Entertainment |

Cast: Silambarasan, Majima Mohan


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