Thomas Liju Thomas’s “Kavi Uddheshichathu..?”

“Kavi Uddheshichathu..?” translated to “The Poet Intended..?” in reference to the Poet who is an universal playwright responsible for writing the lives of everyone on this Earth. He is the one who decides how every moment of our lives who turn and twist.

Here in this movie, we are focused on the  lives of Allimoola village in Kerala. The village had witnessed its glorified days – with a legacy of Volleyball that the players from this village even defeated the Indian National team players. The past generation of the village still live in the reminiscences of those days discussing how they defeated a team and what they won from that victory.

The present generation is no different. They continued the legacy of the village as the influence of Cricket (whole country) and Football (Kerala) never penetrated into their lives. With the introduction set, there is little chance that the movie is not going to end with an intense nail-biting last point finish Volleyball game.

The movie starts off with a brilliant visually composed early love story between Kavalam Jimmy (Asif Ali) and Jasmine (Anju Kurian). Jimmy is a representation of not only you but the whole village. He is a man of high ambitions. He wants to  be a policeman and also be rich. He loves the game and occasionally plays it too.

As Jasmine returns to the village after her education in Bengaluru, the early age memories comes back to Jimmy. As it turns out, she is the sister of Vattathil Bosco (Narain), who is a wealthy yet good-for-nothing influential rival of Jimmy. As the movie progresses from establishing who is on the good side, you are asked to feel empathy for Jimmy.

Then the stage is set for a Volleyball tournament (which apparently drew tremendous attention in the village) where the stakes are high – the weddings with sisters. whoever loses the game should get their sister married to the winner. It sounds awkward as I type it but there is no better comprehension of what happens other than this.

The stage is set. The stakes are high. We are gearing up for an emotional finish yet there is something missing. The realisation of honesty in Jimmy’s love, so enters Minnol Simon (Biju Menon) who is once a very reputed volleyball player but lost himself in the course of time to alcohol and debts. He is the one who is going to take us to the finish line and so he does with gambles and tricks.

Asif Ali and Biju Menon gave very good performances but for me, as an outsider to Malayalam film industry, Narain surprised me with his performance. He is excellent as a crooked wealthy man in the village who goes to extremes to protect his reputation. He is extremely funny and enjoyable wherever there is an opportunity for him.

OverallLiju Thomas’s “Kavi Uddheshichathu..?” is a regular sports drama that follows an underdog who wins the volleyball  game for his love. Even though it is predictable, it is made watchable with the performances of it’s lead cast and the music.

U | Runtime: 137 Mins |

Direction: Liju Thomas |

Screenplay: Martin Duro |

Cinematographer: Shahnad Jalal|

Editor: Sunil S. Pilla|

Music: Jakes Bijoy and Vinu Thomas |

Production: Adam’s World of Imagination |

Cast: Asif Ali, Biju Menon, Narain, Anju Kurian


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