V V Vinayak’s “Khaidi No.150”

When a superstar who ruled the industry for more than a decade and half makes a comeback after ten long years of hiatus, it is no surprise that the movie and its promotion will be centred around that single superstar. So is the case with “Khaidi No. 150”. It is less the movie of V V Vinayak, the director and more of the star Chiranjeevi. The movie was promoted with intensity with a tagline “Boss is Back”.

The upside of such high expectations movie is the opening collections and there is no surprise that the movie has collected higher than any other single language regional movie. But, the downside of it is the scrutiny that it had to undergo.

The movie is more self-centred than any other movies in the recent past and the end of it, you are convinced with the fact that there is no better way than this. The movie offers many things, other the comeback of Chiranjeevi who is referred to his fan base as Megastar.

It is about an issue that is predominant in India currently- increasing farmer deaths. It is about a war between rich and poor, the powerful corporate sector vs. the timid helpless agriculture.

Let’s address the elephant in the room first. Chiranjeevi makes a comeback and Oh Boy! he does it in style. His charisma never looked to have gone anywhere – except for his physical appearance. His dances, fights, comedy timing and performance didn’t look anywhere rusty. A lot of efforts have gone into making him look the way he does now and it is worth every bit of it.

If you take Chiranjeevi out of the movie, there is something still worth watching. A dual role, farmers from a village and their idea of handling the issue. The music by Devi Sri Prasad deserves a special mention though it might not be compared with Anirudh’s original- which according to me is among the best background music in the recent years.

The dialogues from Paruchuri Brothers and the screenplay from Vinayak who keeps it honest to the original by A R Murugadoss work very well.

But, having said everything about the movie. There is something that needs attention. Chiranjeevi makes a comeback after 10 years and so does the film making process. Inspite of a content that is very strong, the movie depends on it’s superficial elements – a comedy that gets stale and the romance that restricts the heroine only to the songs.

Overall, V V Vinayak’s or rather Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s “Khaidi No. 150” serves it’s purpose to the dot. He makes a comeback and in style. But, once the dust settles down and the aura of his comeback is lost, my hope from him will be to get himself blended with the evolving new age film-making

U/A | Runtime: 137 Mins |

Direction: V V Vinayak |

Screenplay: V V Vinayak | Dialogue: Paruchuri Brothers |

Cinematographer: Rathnavelu |

Editor: Gowtham Raju|

Music: Devi Sri Prasad |

Production: Konidela Production Company |

Cast: Chiranjeevi, Kajal Aggarwal, Tarun Arora


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