Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi ‘s “Gautamiputra Satakarni”

Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi, commonly referred to as Krish, has a Torontino-isque ambition of making only a limited number of movies but would be remembered for many long years to come.

In his seventh outing (which included two remakes), he attempted to resurrect a forgotten history of a valiant king who as a child innocently dreamt an ambitious dream of unifying all the territories in the divided country and bring them under the rule of one king and to fight one war.

30 years or so later, he occupied all 33 smaller territories, merged them into his kingdom and appointed the defeated king as his subordinate making one unified kingdom- the beginning of Satavahan sakha. (Now celebrated as Ugadi in India)

His dream was not an easy one , neither was his pursuit. He might be extremely competent but was never unquestionable. His wife questioned him, his subordinate questioned him and so did the religious gurus. But he stood his ground only to accomplish one single dream.

In the present generation, the options for lead role to play such powerful character are limited. It demanded an actor with a powerful presence and the obvious choice was Nandamuri Balakrishna. It seemed only just for him to play a hero who resurrected the telugu pride and the person who did the same thing after almost 1980 years was his father, legendary actor and former chief minister, NT Rama Rao.

In his 100th movie, he was devoted, powerful and honest in his performance. He never came across as ferocious despite the role allowing for that.

Krish and his team of writers ensured that the movie doesn’t deviate much from its predefined objective. 135 minutes is just sufficient for him to focus on two major war episodes and the drama leading up to those wars.

The music by Chirantan Bhatt deserves a special mention. All the war episodes were beautifully choreographed both visually and orally. He is one of the unsung heroes in this movie. If music elevates the movie to a level, it is the lyrics by Seetarama Sastry garu and dialogues by Sai Madhav Burra takes it to a class apart. These dialgoues and music blend elevates the mood of the viewers and make their hearts filled with pride.

Shriya Saran who enjoyed her share of success during her prime acting years playing the love interest of all the leading heroes, is now very selective of her roles. These roles demanded her to emote and perform way beyond her age but she ensured she did all that was demanded of her was delivered. In this movie, she gave a performance of her lifetime, playing a mother and wife who is torn between her own family versus the kingdom.

Hema Malini shares the title role along with Balakrishna. Even though her role has relatively limited screen time, it is the powerful and pivotal role in this movie.

Overall, Krish’s “Gautamiputra Satakarni” resurrects the forgotten hero whose era is marked as the beginning of a new year in Indian culture. Like his two previous movies, he ensured to communicate the message – any activity we do as an individual or a society is a ray of hope that we offer to many generations that come after us.

U/A | Runtime: 135 Mins |

Direction: Radhakrishna Jagarlamudi (Krish) |

Screenplay: Krish | Dialogue: Sai Madhav Burra |

Cinematographer: Gnana shekar |

Editor: Suraj Jagtap and Ramakrishna Arram|

Music: Chirantan Bhatt |

Production: First Frame Entertainments |

Cast: Balakrishna, Shriya, Hema Malini


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