Rakshit Shetty’s “Ulidavaru Kandanthe”

The title of the movie that translates into “As Seen by the Rest” marks the directorial debut of Rakshit Shetty in 2014.  As the title indicates, the movie is about an event – a murder- narrated through a series of articles that captures multiple perspectives about the events leading up to the murder.

As they say “Truth is not always absolute, it is an occurrence from the eyes of the narrator”, the movie set in the backdrop of Malpe, a fishing town on the Arabian coast, where fishing is the major profession and Tulu is the vocal language.

The movie opens with a corpse marked with a chalk outline. We are introduced to Regina (Sheetal Shetty) who gets a nod from her editor to write a series of six articles describing the murder of Richi (Rakshit Shetty). Each article is given a title depending on from the perspective of whom the article will be narrated. Regina becomes the thread that compiles the events without presenting judgmental or conclusive remarks at any point of the movie. The movie leaves it open-ended asking the viewers to take a decision depending on the stories narrated till then.

Chapter 1: Voice of Silence: Raghu (Rishab Shetty)

Chapter 2: Richard Anthony aka Richi: Richi (Rakshit Shetty)

Chapter 3: Meen Curry: Ratnakka (Tara)

Chapter 4: Whispers in the Wind: Munna (Kishore)

Chapter 5: Ka: Balu (Achyuth Rao)

Rakshit Shetty absolutely shines in this movie that is of his own. He does exactly what needs to be delivered for the movie and he wins both as a director and actor. Two other performances really stand out: Tara is absolutely delightful as a mother who awaits her son’s return and Achyuth Rao as Balu whose life turns around by an unplanned revelation.

The movie draws heavy inspiration from Kurosawa style of filmmaking with a predictable conclusion in the end but it is a welcome change for the style of movie making in Kannada. There is a lot of experimentation – with emphasis on non-traditional narration, music, and cinematography. The movie also tries to experiment with its color schemes for different articles/ stories. There is even a reference to Sin City color scheme.

Despite trying to be as global as it can, the movie never loses its footing off Maple. The language is kept intact and more importantly, there is a strong bonding to local festive and cultural tradition – Yakshagana and Hulivesha (Tiger Dance). For a moment, you are sure to be carried away with Yakshagana and Hulivesha, Rakshit Shetty is paying an honorable tribute to the culture of Kannadigas. If not for non-traditional movie making, “Ulidavaru Kandanthe” will be remembered for its attempt to resurrect local culture.

Overall, Rakshit Shetty’s “Ulidavaru Kandanthe” is a winner for Rakshit Shetty both as an actor and a director. Despite drawing heavy inspiration from Kurosawa’s filmmaking style, the movie keeps itself rooted in the local cultural tradition of Malpe.


Release: 2014 | 

U/A | Runtime: 154 Mins |

Direction: Rakshit Shetty |

Screenplay: Rakshit Shetty |

Cinematographer: Karm Chawla |

Editor: Sachin |

Music: Ajaneesh Loknath |

Production: Suvin Cinemas |

Cast: Rakshit Shetty, Kishore, Achyuth Rao, Tara, Sheetal Shetty


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