Mudassar Aziz’s “Happy Bhag Jayegi”

Mudassar Aziz’s semi-Anand Rai-ish romantic comedy “Happy Bhag Jayegi” luckily just missed the wrath of misdirected patriotism post the Uri attacks. The movie was released just a month before the attacks post which there was a huge uproar against the Pakistan and its references in Bollywood.

“Happy Bhag Jayegi” which translates to “Happy will run away”, would have been a perfect subtext to the notion of doing something that makes you happy, even if it means running away from the shackles that tie down. Unless this is not an emotional drama, it is a romantic comedy where the subtexts are used as jokes and there is a rant against everything and anything.

“Happy” (Diana Penty) is a Punjabi tomboyish girl whose sense of fashion include wearing sneakers with churidars falls in love with good-for-nothing collegemate Guddu (Ali Fazal). Guddu wants to be a musician/ singer who wants admission for a music school but never makes any attempts towards his passion – not even a song written for his love. If you are thoughts are in that direction, I would love to interrupt to remind you that this is a comedy and not a romantic drama.

“Happy” might appear as tomboyish (with her curses and runaway attitude) and as boisterous, but she does everything her heart tells her. Just before you fall into the trap, we are introduced to Bagga (Jimmy Shergill), a small time ambitious politician who doesn’t care if the girl eloped with someone still wants to find her and get married.

On the other side of the coin is Bilal Ahmed (Abhay Deol), son of Ex-Governor (Javed Sheikh) in Karachi who believes that his son can one day change the history of Pakistan. But, apparently, Bilal’s (or commonly referred to as Junior) heart is somewhere else. He wants to be a cricketer but doesn’t have the courage to fight his father. Yes, no prizes to guess that he would be the one who is going to help “Happy” find her love.

But, how do they meet? One is in Amritsar, other in Pakistan. Well, it takes one diplomat car and a gift package to reach from Amritsar to an ex-Governor’s house in Pakistan. As the pursuit of Happy continues in Amritsar and Bilal Ahmed falls for Happy, we are introduced to ACP Usman Afridi (Piyush Mishra). What follows is a series of cat-and-mouse race topped with round-go-round to generate laughs – remember the central theme of the movie.

Piyush Mishra who delivered an absolutely hard hitting performance in “Pink” takes a flip to come up with another excellent performance in the comedy role. He is probably one of the best things that the movie had to offer besides occasional rants about having famous Indians to be born in India and is adamant to never come close to anything that is from India.

Diana Penty, who we still remember from her performance competing with Deepika in “Cocktail”, does the best to become that girl who everyone adores and falls for her charm. But, the director lets her take a back seat and let other characters run the show for her.

Abhay Deol, for me, never hit his best since he did “Dev D”. It is sad to see an actor capable of delivering performances of that intensity to play a role that could have been anyone and wouldn’t have made any difference. On the other hand, Jimmy Shergill seems to be finding his feet at the right spots.

Overall, Mudassar Aziz’s “Happy Bhag Jayegi” is a happy-go romantic comedy with its share of laughs. Mudassar might have been only average as a director but shines with his dialogue excellently articulated by the cast, Piyush Mishra in particular.


Release: 2016 | 

U | Runtime: 126 Mins |

Direction: Mudassar Aziz |

Screenplay: Mudassar Aziz |

Cinematographer: Saurabh Goswami|

Editor: Ninad Khanolkar |

Music: Sohail Sen |

Distribution: Eros International |

Cast: Diana Penty, Abhay Deol, Jimmy Shergill, Piyush Mishra


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