Christian Alvart’s “Pandorum”

Movies have a very strange way of romanticizing apocalypses. The screenplay format is largely motivated by the standard three- acts with varying set-ups, the skill set of enemies, and what remains at the end.

Christian Alvart’s “Pandorum” is no different. The premise is defined right at the beginning – to put away any questions that audience might have, if at all. The immediate answer to any concern that is logical would be “it is set up in the fantasy world in a futuristic world, we can only imagine”.

Christian Alvart along with co-writer Travis Milloy made sure that no such questions ever arose. The set up is on an interstellar ark with a capacity of 60,000 humans who are set out on a 123-year space trip. The objective is to colonize a planet, which later description contains large volumes of water available.

Come 2174, two members of the Team 5 wake up from their hypersleep – Corporal Bower (Ben Foster) and  Lieutenant Payton (Dennis Quaid) who after passing through a few hours of partial amnesia set out in search of others living, further onto nuclear reactor.

As Bower moves under the oral guidance of Payton from his control room soon realizes that some species with the intense speed and zombie-looking species took control of the ark and the only way they could escape is to eject themselves and other surviving members from hypersleep. What follows is a downward spiral flow of events, where the attack of humanoids is countered by Bower and Nadia (Antje Traue), along with two others.

Along the way, you encounter a child humanoid, a nuclear shooting weapon, a series of hallucinations and much more to make the fight for survival interesting.

At the end of it all, Corporal Bower and Nadia were able to save 1,213 lives who continue rest of their life on the planet, Tanis.

Overall, Christian Alvart’s “Pandorum” struggles between being a space drama and a horror. If you are a lover of one particular genre among the two, you would be disappointed. If you have no affiliation towards these genres, you would be absolutely distraught.



Release: 2009 | 

R | Runtime: 108 Mins |

Direction: Christian Alvart|

Screenplay: Travis Milloy |

Cinematographer: Wedigo von Schultzendorff |

Editor: Philipp Stahl,
Yvonne Valdez |

Music: Michl Britsch |

Production: Constantin Film, Impact Pictures  |

Cast: Dennis Quaid, Ben Foster, Antje Traue



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