S V Krishna Reddy’s “Ghatotkachudu”

The first time I saw this movie as a kid, I was absolutely amazed. The movie has a perfect blend of mythology and science.

The movie was released in 1995, in India, where the technological advancements were not as progressive as present day. The movie starts off with a mythological set up- during the battle of Kurukshetra. Ghatotkacha (Satyanarayan), the son of Bheema, the middle brother of Pandavas was shot by Karna and during his last minutes, a tribal kid offers him water. As a gratitude for her help, he promises to be by her side anytime across the yugas and births, if she face any trouble.

Moving to the twentieth century in Kali Yuga, we were introduced to Ranga (Ali), a happy go, good for nothing youngster and his childhood friend, Roja (Roja) as circumstances dictate need to help the baby who is now reborn as Chitti (Baby Nikita). 

What follows are a series of attempts to kill the child – from his parents’ close aids to steal the wealth, the wizard who wants to give her as a sacrifice to be the most powerful. Ranga, Roja along with Ghatotkacha spoil their attempts and save the child.

In the process, we are introduced to Robot, who falls in love with Roja and it was employed by the scientist (Tinu Anand) in the ploy to kill Ghatotkacha.

The movie marks a remarkable attempt, before the start of 21st century. The movie has every element that the audience of Telugu movies admire- there is mythology with Mahabaratha, there is comedy track by Brahmanandam (as someone who collects everything he finds on street), there is AVS (as a rowdy), there is Robot.

To top it all is a special dance bit by Nagarjuna and a romantic duet between Robot and Roja.

I watched the movie after almost twenty years now and it still surprises with the number of experimentation and advancements which came true in the gap between.

Overall, S V Krishna Reddy’s “Ghatotkachudu” is a remarkable attempt way beyond its time that blends mythology and science to narrate a story of traditional good vs. bad.

ReleGhatotkachudu.jpgase: 1995 | 

U | Runtime: 170 Mins |

Direction: S V Krishna Reddy|

Screenplay: S V Krishna Reddy |

Cinematographer: Sarath|

Editor: K Ramgopal Reddy |

Music: S V Krishna Reddy |

Production: Manisha Films  |

Cast: Ali, Roja, Kaikala Satyanarayana, Baby Nikita


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