Gokul’s “Kaashmora”

Indian film industry, be it a regional or national, made a tremendous progress in terms of content and the style of filmmaking. One of the key indicators of it is what happens to the lead cast at the end of the film- do they get together in the end where they live happily ever after or it doesn’t matter once the conflict is resolved. Fortunately, Gokul’s “Kaashmora” fits the bill right in. Either of the heroines is not meant to be romancing the two roles played by the protagonist and it stays so. But, unfortunately, that is all good there is to say about this blandly made fantasy movie.

Karthi, in recent years, emerged himself out of the shadow of his brother Suriya. He garnered himself good niche of followers with the likes of Thozha and Madras. Conceptually, “Kaashmora” is a huge step up for him with dual roles – battlefield, con, fantasy, negative role but the movie fails disastrously short in every category.

Kaashmora (Karthi) is a fake godman. His family (all of them born in “Rohini” star) create theatrics around the town to promote their son as someone who is more powerful and can interact with spirits. Everything is not good for a con artist when someone comes to do a research on their work. Here comes a college student Yamini (Sri Divya) who wants to a thesis on the occult and ends being an undercover investigator who records everything, despite the criteria for her admission. As the movie progress, she even becomes the catalyst that helps Rajanayak’s (Karthi) spirit to resurrect itself. The reason why Raja Nayak is still located as a spirit is because of a 1000-year old curse of Rathnamahadevi (Nayanthara). The details of why he was cursed are extremely ridiculously shot with fake graphics of probably early era.

Karthi does his best to take the opportunity of performing two roles with contrary shades – but he never moves out of the skin of Kaashmora. His expression with shaved head and grown beard neither look evil nor lustful. He is much more comfortable as Kaashmora and you cannot sense the body language shift between characters. Nayanthara is gloriously delightful as Rathnamahadevi. Her eyes communicate way too much at times. She is not just only a beauty but skillful with her sword. Not to forgot, she is left-handed too, for only one reason.

Overall, Gokul’s “Kaashmora” never takes off either as a fantasy or as a horror or as whatever genre he wanted it to be marked as. Santhosh Narayanan’s music, antics of Kaashmora’s family and ever charming Nayanthara are the only saving grace in this 164 minutes long movie.


Release: 2016 | U/A | Runtime: 164 Mins |

Direction: Gokul | Written: Gokul, John Mahendran, R Murugesan |

Cinematographer: Om Prakash |

Editor: V.J. Sabu Joseph |

Music: Santhosh Narayanan |

Production: Dream Warriors Pictures  |

Cast: Karthi, Nayanthara, Sri Divya


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