Edward Zwick’s “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back”

“Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” is a sequel to the 2012 movie “Jack Reacher” based on Lee Child’s “Never Go Back”. Tom Cruise reprises his role as Ex-Major Jack Reacher and the movie marks the return of Jack Reacher’s return to his old HQ in Washington DC.

Tom Cruise is one the most celebrated action heroes in a generation that heavy muscles were the most prime indicator or a condition for someone to be an action hero. Tom Cruise, in his physique, never matched the likes of Arnold or Sylvester, but there were little doubts about his ability to act, rather than just be a stunt hero. As the years passed by, he slowly moved away from being an actor to being that stunt hero, which is a counter expectation, with the likes of Robert De Niro doing the exact opposite.

In the second movie of the Jack Reacher series, Tom Cruise evolved into being a father to a teenage daughter, but his role demanded little of an actor in him. The romance looked bland, the charm looked lost, the stunt sequences lost the grace he once had and it all is complemented by an absolutely bland, predictable, and boring narrative.

Edward Zwick and his team of writers Richard Wenk and Marshall Herskovitz failed to create any charm that the character Jack Reacher needed. It is as it saying “You are Back” but wait, sorry I-forgot-my-goggles and so no swag. The only positive from this movie is Cobie Smulders. Cobie, who is famously known for her role from the TV series, How I Met You Mother, never got the due success in movies, except for a couple of appearances as Maria Hill in Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is a role that proves her strength. She appears physically fit and stunts don’t look awkward.

Overall, Edward Zwick’s “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back” is a wake-up call for Tom Cruise both as an actor and a producer.


Release: 2016 | PG-13 | Runtime: 118 Mins |

Direction: Edward Zwick | Written: Edward Zwick, Richard Wenk and Marshall Herskovitz |

Cinematographer: Oliver Wood |

Editor: Billy Weber |

Music: Henry Jackman |

Distribution: Paramount Pictures  |

Cast: Tom Cruise, Cobie Smulders, Aldin Hodge


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