Colm McCarthy’s “The Girl with All the Gifts”

Hollywood is not new to an apocalypse world where the hell just breaks loose and every species on the planet Earth is destroyed. The other section of this segment often involved zombies, the popularity in my personal opinion, comes from the fact the humans were one such potentially omnivorous species that doesn’t feed on its own race. Zombies took that equation but not without taking away the element of brain dead.

Human species with brain dead is an equivalent of any other species is the basic premise under which Zombies operate. Colm McCarthy and his writer M R Carey, attempts to break this basic notion. What happens if humans become a zombie but they still have the ability to use their brains? 

With new content comes new challenges. We are set in a dystopian world where the troubled children, happily referred to as hungries, were locked up and fed with worms. There are enough facilities available for them to be educated, to follow their interests but with a series of tough statuatory measure. Melanie (Sennia Nanua) is one such kid who is gifted with high intellgience and along with the basic instinct to crave for flesh.

As the hell breaks loose, the camp is attacked by other hungries and the escapre troop consisted four indivduals whose now primary objective is to survive.

Helen Justineau (Gemma Arterton) is the good cop who has special affliation towards Melanie. She is the teacher and motherly figure that Melanie desired and the responsbility is now on Helen to make sure that her dearest student is protected at any costs. Sergent Eddie Parks (Paddy Considine) is the head of security at the lock up and also the most efficient officer who can protect the escaped lot. He plays the bad cop only with the fear of instinctive behavior of Melanie. Dr. Carlone Caldwell (Glenn Close) is the good doctor who aspires to create vaccine based on Melanie’s data but the desire to bad converts her bad.

Overall, Colm McCarthy’s “The Girl with All the Gifts” despite trying to ride Zombie Bandwagon has its own share of novelty managed well with the thrills and shrills of a horror. The lead cast’s performance is the difference that brings the hope of survival from an apocalypse. 



Release: 2016 |

R |Runtime: 111 Mins |

Direction: Colim McCarthy |

Screenplay: M R Carey |

Cinematographer: Simon Dennis |

Editor: Matthew Cannings |

Music: Cristobal Tapia de Veer |

Distribution: Warner Bro.s Pictures, Saban Films  |

Cast: Sennia Nanua, Gemma Arterton, Paddy Consindine, Glenn Close



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