Kalyan Krishna’s “Raarandoi Veduka Chuddam”


The generation which is very busy chasing dreams takes very little time to sit back and appreciate a wedding, the most important event in an individual’s life.  But, who do we get married to? Who is that individual with whom we are going to share our lives with? These are the most important questions that everyone faces at some point in their lives.

Bramarambha, a village belle, treated like a princess in their family, dreams of a prince to come and marry her. She is very clear about that. What she gets in her life is someone who is not a prince but would fill her in his heart. Now, she is torn between her age-old clear ideology and the new definition of the prince. This is the premise of Naga Chaitanya (Siva) – Rakul Preet (Bramarambha) starrer “Raarandoi Veduka Chuddam”.

Kalyan Krishna Kurasala surprised everyone and even celebrated the romantic side of Nagarjuna in “Soggade Chinni Nayana” last year. That film is set up among the green fields and with the backdrop of greenery. This time, he made sure that the nativity doesn’t get lost in the love story. The story moves to Vizag and the beach forms the core of the setup.

In terms of story or the screenplay, the movie has nothing new to offer. This is the story which we have seen so many times before and it worked in most cases. What is special in this movie that would demand you to go to cinemas- it is the performances of the lead cast.

Naga Chaitanya had a mixed bag career so far. But, last year had been his breakthrough year with “Premam”. That could arguably be the movie in which he presented his best performance on screen. If that was a breakthrough, “Raarandoi” is a leap he has taken as an actor. There is a lot of confidence in his presentation and he looked extremely comfortable. He might not yet match the charm of his dad but he is getting there slowly.

Rakul Preet- how good she had been in this movie! She is the pillar of the movie and carries it all through on her shoulders. Generally, the film industry had been harsh to heroines, in terms of potential performance that they could deliver.  Be the glam doll or perish had been the story so far. Rakul should be appreciated for taking that chance at this stage of her stage and to be honest, it is worth the gamble.

That is where the good part of the movie ends. The biggest disappointment of the movie is the narrative and the supporting cast. Except for Sampath Raj and Jagapathi Babu (only to bring the class to the visual), all the other cast could have been done with including ‘Vennela’ Kishore who tried his best for the laughs.

Overall, “Raarandoi” is a movie that would be a remembered nothing more but as a strong bullet point on the CVs of the lead cast. 

Theatrical Trailer:


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