Indraganti Mohankrishna’s “Ami Thumi”

There will a phase in every artist’s career that they would feel they are at the “peak” of it and everything seems to work as per their desire or even beyond what they could dream of. “Surprise myself” is probably the most wonderful feeling anyone could experience, in the creative business. All this introduction is for a person who had grown through the ranks so much so that the whole 2 hour movie was  made to be carried on his shoulders. Presenting to you “Vennela” Kishore. 

How good was he in this screwball comedy by Indrakanti Mohankrishna who tried refreshing content, a genre contrast from his previous movie, based on a play by Italian satirist Richard Brinsley Sheridan.

The movie tracks the lives of two couples and it extends to two families with all the cliched elements that could be possibly accomodated in any Telugu movie but there is something special about the writing that makes it feel all the more refreshing.

There is a gay joke, commentary on girl’s opportunistic nature, social narrative about the dowry and the casual abuses hurled with no attention. But, despite all this, Indraganti Mohankrishna made sure that none of it sounds regressive. It just goes with the flow. Even before you realize it.

The biggest strength of the movie after Kishore is Mani Sharma. The movie demanded a differential treatment and in the second innings, Mani Sharma mastered this with ease. The music blended between old melodies to the modernized western comic tunes.

The lead cast is left with little to do – Esha, Adavi Sesh, Avasarala Sreenivas and Aditi (debut) were all left wanting more but they would have enjoyed the bit more than ever. 

Tanikella Bharani is at his absolute energtic best. His character needed a lot to be done- sing, dance, abuse but everything with the shade of comic sense and he is very good.
Overall, Indraganti Mohankrishna’s “Ami Thumi” is a joy ride with Vennela Kishore stamping his authority that is a director’s delight.


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